Getting Started – What to do
How do I group and upload contacts
How do I create and send campaigns
Creating Flyers
What is the “Sign-Up-Box”
What is “Birthday Management”
How do I contact Sendito?

Getting Started – What to do?

How do I set up a Sendito Account?

Sign up for a Free Account – your first 50 contacts are free and there is no expiration date for the free account. There are no contacts and no credit card is required. Once you log into your account, you can:

  • Set up your account information (company logo, company address, phone # etc)
  • Set up a Sign-Up Box to collect email addresses from your web site
  • Group and upload your contact’s email addresses
  • Create template
  • Create and send a campaign
  • View and analyze reports

How do I group and upload my contacts?

Step One: How to Group Your Contacts

  1. Click – CONTACTS Tab
  2. Click – Groups
  3. Select – Create Group
  4. Name Your Group
    1. Check the Box “Private” if you want your group to be seen only by you.
    2. Check the Box “Default” if you’d like all new contacts to be added to this group.
  5. Click – ADD to finish the process

Step Two: How to Upload Your Contacts

  1. Click – CONTACTS tab
  2. Click – Upload Contacts
  3. Select one of the options
    1. “Add a Single Contact” if you want to enter your contacts one by one
    2. “Upload a List of Contacts” if you want to import a number of contacts
    3. “Upload a Detailed List of Contact”s if you want to have detailed information about your contacts<
  4. Click – “Upload” to finish the process

How do I create and send a campaign?

Step One: How to Create a Template

  1. Click – TEMPLATES Tab
  2. Click – Add Template
  3. Click – Large images or Small images – if you want to use an image on your flyer. If you want to create a pain text flyer skip this step and click on
  4. Create a New Flyer
  5. Name your template in “Template name” field and SAVE
  6. Drag and drop content boxes for text and images
  7. SAVE the template

Step Two: How to Create and Send a Campaign

  1. Click – CAMPAIGNS tab
  2. Click – Create Campaign
  3. Fill out the required information (Campaign name, From/Reply Address, Subject)
  4. Click – Add to finish the process
  5. Click – Recipients to select the Group/Groups of contacts you want to send the campaign to
  6. Click – Send Options
  7. Click – Preview and Send now to send the campaign OR click New Schedule to schedule a later delivery time and date.

Step Three: Read Reports

  1. Click – REPORTS tab
  2. Look at your campaigns performance


Are there any templates I can use?
Use one of our numerous professionally designed email newsletter templates. They are FREE.
Can I create my own template?
Yes you can. Select “TEMPLATES” to enter or create your own custom template, just drag and drop the content elements.
Can you create a professional flyer for me?
We can design a professional flyer for you. Click on “contact us” for a quote.
How do I use the “Advanced HTML to create a flyer?
Our HTML Editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It has the most useful features of a text formatting tool, you can choose between multiple fonts, styles and sizes. It also gives you the option to add links, images, tables, dates, custom background and text colors, lists. It is very easy to use. Just select the content block “TEXT/HTML” when creating or editing your template.

Creating Flyers

How do I add images from my hard drive to a flyer using the html editor?
You can’t use images directly from your hard drive in the html editor. You should upload them to your account first and then use the image URL in the html editor.
How do I send a videos to a group of my contacts?
First you need to upload the video file somewhere on a server. If you don’t have your own server you can upload on Next create the flyer on your Sendito account and place a link to the location where you uploaded the video.

What is the Sign Up Box?

Grow your contact list by posting a Sign Up Box on your web site. People that check out your web site and want to request to receive information from you can sign up directly from your web site. You can customize the box by adding color, message and more. The new sign up’s will be added directly to your Sendito database and they will have an “s” in front of the contact’s name.
How can I alter the sign up box to go into the various sub lists that I have ex: list one, list two, etc?
Unfortunately, you cannot set up the sign up box to add contacts to different groups. However, after a contact confirms that he/she wants to receive your newsletters, he/she can submit his/her personal details (names, phones, address, etc.). If you have public groups set up, a list of groups is also included in the personal details’ page and the contact can choose to be included in some of the groups or in all of them.

What is the Birthday Management?

The birthday management system will help you collect, organize and send messages out to your clients. It’s easy and simple, your contacts will enter their information and it will be stored in your birthday calendar. This feature is added to our Sendito clients, for FREE.


How can I sign up for a paying account and bypass the free trial?
You can go to “Account Manager – My subscription – Click Subscribe next to the plan you want to have. If you upload the contacts first the program will direct you to the right plan you need to subscribe.
Do I have to give a credit card to take advantage of the free trial?
No credit card is required when signing up for the free trial.
Do I have to sign a contract?
There is no contract for the unlimited free trial account or any of the paying plans. You can cancel your account at any time.
Is my credit card going to be charged every month?
Your credit card will be charged each month.
How can I stop the auto payment plan?
You can stop the auto payment by canceling your subscription: Account Manager – My Subscription – Cancel my Subscription. Make sure to cancel at least one day before your next payment due date so the charges do not go thru.

How can I contact Sendito?

There are several ways to contact us:

  1. By e-mail: [email protected]
  2. By phone: 888-296-2801
  3. Or fill out the contact us »