SendIto Subscribes to an ANTI-SPAM policy for all its communications protocols. This means that we do not condone UNSOLICITED MESSAGES, NOTIFICATIONS OR ALERTS OR ANY MESSAGE THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE FROM SOMEONE WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE YOUR EMAIL.
You have 2 options – just comment or have your E-mail blocked not to be able to receive ANY messages sent from SendIto. Please let us know about any abuse, including your E-mail, the date and time you received it and the contents of the message (if possible). To report any abuse or violations of the SendIto service, please contact us by clicking here and writing your comments/complaints. Your report will be registered and that Client will be investigated for violations of our Anti-spam Policy. The identity of any individual reporting abuse will be kept confidential.

Anti-spam Policy Enforcement

  1. On our terms and conditions agreement with our Clients, our Clients specifically agree NOT to use SendIto to send unsolicited email or spam.
  2. Upon incorporating a list into SendIto, we verify with our Client the method used to acquire the list.
  3. All emails sent using SendIto include point of origin and steering information as well as identifying information about the Client that sent the message.
  4. SendIto supports multiple OPT-OUT / REMOVE / UNSUBSCRIBE methods including instructions and a link at the bottom of each email distributed through SendIto, automatic opt-out using reply email, and the ability for Clients to remove emails.
  5. SendIto maintains an OPT-OUT list that restricts our Clients from adding an email address to their list that has been previously Opted-Out.
  6. If we suspect a violation of our Anti-spam policy, we will contact the Client and discuss the Clients options, which may range from a warning, to termination of service for that Client.
  7. To the best of our knowledge, SendIto and our system adheres to ALL state and national laws regarding sending unsolicited bulk email.


If you wish to be removed from an email list, please click the “OPT-OUT” link at the bottom of the email you received, or reply to the email you received with “OPT-OUT” or “REMOVE” in the subject line, or, forward the email you received here. You will be removed from that email list and that Client will be restricted from adding your email to their list in the future.